$1  Rockets Red Glare

Rockets Red Glare pull-tab ticket

How To Play:

If three consecutive symbols printed vertically or diagonally under the tabs match any of the winning combinations as shown on the ticket front, win the corresponding prize. The arrow connecting the symbols indicates you are a winner.

All prizes must be redeemed where the ticket was purchased.

Game Start Date: 1/27/14  
End Distribution Date: 6/22/15  
Official Game End Date: 5/13/16  
Last Day To Redeem Prizes: 8/11/16  

Prizes and Odds:

Prize Odds
$1.00 1 in 4.83
$2.00 1 in 36.00
$4.00 1 in 90.00
$20.00 1 in 540.00
$50.00 1 in 540.00
$100.00 1 in 540.00
Overall Odds 1 in 4.46

Veterans Trust Fund

Through June 30, 2015, all proceeds from this Iowa Lottery game were dedicated to the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund (IVTF) to support Iowa veterans and their families. Today, the lottery provides $2.5 million annually to the IVTF, so a portion of the proceeds from the sale of all lottery games is dedicated to the Veterans Trust Fund. For more information about the IVTF or how to apply for assistance from it, click here or contact the Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs at 1.800.838.4692.