Mobile Access FAQs

What is a wireless Web site?

Some Web sites are now specially formatted to display their content on mobile phones. The Iowa Lottery has its own wireless site. These wireless Web sites allow you to browse or navigate using the keys on your mobile phone.

What is a Web-enabled mobile phone?

A Web-enabled mobile phone is a phone that has a built-in Web browser and the capability of connecting to wireless Web sites.

How do I know if my mobile phone is Web-enabled?

Please check with your mobile phone manufacturer to see if your cellular phone can access wireless Web sites. Web-enabled simply means the phone has the built-in capability of accessing the Web. You will also need an Internet access plan from your carrier to use this wireless Web site.

What exactly is an Internet access plan?

An Internet access plan, provided by your cellular phone carrier, allows you to browse the Web via your handheld device.

Will I be using my monthly minutes to access the wireless Web site?

In most cases, your mobile Web browser won't use up minutes on your calling plan. Check with your carrier for specific details of your plan.

Can I access the wireless Web site from anywhere?

Access is limited to the coverage area of your carrier. Consult your carrier's coverage map for limitations on service.