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Here you'll find all the other news that's been going on at the lottery. Feel free to browse through to see what promotions we've got going on, our latest financial numbers and more.

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Recent News

10/5/15 Lottery To Give Away Cash, College BBall Tournament Tickets In 'Holiday Hoopla™'
10/2/15 Ending Date Announced For 3 Scratch Games
9/21/15 $1 Million Powerball® Prize Won In Des Moines
8/17/15 $1 Million Powerball® Prize Won In Black Hawk County
8/10/15 Ending Dates Announced For 5 Scratch Games And 10 Pull-Tab Games
7/30/15 FY 2015: Annual Sales, Proceeds, Prizes In Lottery's Top 4, Headquarters Purchase & Move Completed
7/20/15 Lottery Issues Statement Following Verdict In Hot Lotto® Trial
7/7/15 Powerball® Redesign Coming In October With Better Overall Odds Of Winning, 10X Feature When Starting Jackpots Are Lower
6/26/15 Change Takes Effect Wednesday To Stabilize Proceeds To IVTF
6/22/15 Ending Dates Announced For 9 Scratch Games And 4 Pull-Tab Games
5/26/15 Powerball® Prizes Of $10,000, $20,000 Nearing Expiration In Council Bluffs, Waukon
5/18/15 $1 Million Powerball® Prize Won In Des Moines
5/13/15 Ending Date Announced For 6 Scratch Games
5/4/15 30 Years Of Lottery In Iowa: Games, Prizes, Winners And Proceeds
4/16/15 Ending Date Announced For 8 Scratch Games
4/13/15 Lottery Issues Statement Following Continuation In Hot Lotto® Trial
4/1/15 Residents of Marion, Des Moines Confirmed To Iowa Lottery Board
3/13/15 Lucky Ticket Wins Top Prize In Friday The 13th All Or Nothing™ Drawing
3/11/15 Ending Date Announced For Six Scratch Games And Three Pull-Tab Games
2/18/15 All Or Nothing™ Ticket Sold In Iowa City Wins $100,000
2/12/15 Wednesday's Powerball® Results In Iowa
2/11/15 Breaking News: Early Details Of Powerball® Results In Iowa
2/11/15 New! Update: Powerball® Jackpot Hits Est. $500 Million For Wednesday
1/15/15 Charges Filed In Hot Lotto® Jackpot Investigation, Lottery Issues Statement
1/13/15 Ending Date Announced For Three Scratch Games
1/9/15 Powerball® Prizes Of $10,000 Nearing Expiration Dates In Iowa City, Des Moines
1/5/15 $1 Million Powerball® Prize Won In Des Moines Area

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