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Davenport Man Doesn't Know How To React After Winning $50,000 Lottery Prize

Henry Reimers Wins Top Prize in 'Make My Month™' Scratch Game

Henry Reimers   Hear Henry tell his story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - After winning $50,000 on an instant-scratch ticket, a Davenport man said he didn't know how to react.

"I just sat there, it wasn't like I got all excited, but it doesn't register," Henry Reimers said.

The 55-year-old carpet installer said he purchased a "Make My Month" instant-scratch ticket Sunday at QC Mart, 1556 W. Locust St. in Davenport and scratched it off the same day. He said he knew he had a winning ticket, but couldn't believe that he had won a $50,000 top prize. He claimed the third of seven top prizes of $50,000 available in that game.

"First I thought it was 50 bucks and then I kept scratching and its like, 'This number is too big,'" Reimers said. "You don't believe it when you get one. You sit there and you look at it, 'Nah, it's not real.'"

Reimers said he shared his good news with his immediate family, but he said he didn't tell others until his winning ticket was confirmed by the lottery.

"They couldn't believe it," Reimers told lottery employees as he claimed his prize Monday at the lottery's regional office in Cedar Rapids. "I mean nobody can, you just don't. You play for that, but you don't see that."

Reimers said he plans to pay bills and save a portion of his lottery winnings.

The lottery's Make My Month game is part of a series of games that have a similar look, feel and gameplay, but vary in size, cost and prizes offered. The price point and top prize increase with the length of time indicated in the game's name. For example, players can win up to $50,000 playing the $5 Make My Month game, but can win up to $100,000 playing the $10 Make My Year™ game. A $1 Make My Day™ ticket and a $2 Make My Week™ ticket are part of the same series of games. Players scratch the "stars" in the playing area on each ticket and match game symbols to win prizes.

Four top prizes of $50,000 are still up for grabs in Make My Month, as well as 68 prizes of $1,000 and hundreds of prizes of $200 and $100.

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