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NW Iowa Teacher Takes Home Motorcycle With Custom Veterans-Themed Paint Job

Tracy Schultz of Peterson Says She's Excited To Try Out Her New Ride

Tracy Schultz   Hear Tracy tell her story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A northwest Iowa teacher and her husband now have their one-of-a-kind motorcycle custom painted by a well-known Iowa artist.

Tracy and Randy Schultz of Peterson took possession of the bike on Monday and said they are looking forward to warmer weather so they can have a chance to ride it.

"I think it's going to be something we have in the garage and just get out every once in a while," Tracy Schultz said.

Tracy Schultz signed the paperwork for the motorcycle and said she's calling it her bike, but admitted that she and Randy aren't sure whose ticket actually won it - they both entered tickets using the same Iowa Lottery VIP Club account, so they don't know whose ticket number was selected as the winning entry in the promotion drawing for the motorcycle. But the account is in Tracy's name, so she's calling dibs on the motorcycle.

"I told him he could maybe ride on the back of my bike!" Tracy said with a laugh as they admired the new ride.

The custom-painted Victory Boardwalk™ motorcycle from Victory® Motorcycles in Spirit Lake was offered as the prize up for grabs in the Iowa Lottery's "Veterans Victory" promotion this winter. The lottery, which has raised nearly $15 million for veterans' causes since 2008, teamed up with artist Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II on the motorcycle project. It was the first time that Sorensen, the artist best known for his annual artwork on the huge "The Freedom Rock®" boulder near Greenfield in western Iowa, had painted a motorcycle.

Players entered the promotion using nonwinning tickets in the $1 "Ride to Riches" instant-scratch game. All proceeds from the sale of Ride to Riches tickets benefit the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund.

The entry period for the promotion on the lottery's website ran from Jan. 6 through March 26, and the lottery conducted the drawing for the motorcycle on March 27.

Tracy Schultz, 49, who teaches business classes and is athletic director at St. Mary's Catholic Schools in Storm Lake, said news of her win spread quickly through social media and word of mouth.

"I walked into the bank to sign some papers and got harassed - well, really congratulated more than harassed," she said.

Lottery players made nearly 97,000 entries in the Veterans Victory promotion.

It had taken Sorensen about five days to hand paint the motorcycle's gas tank in early December. He weaved into his patriotic artwork an eagle's head and the letters "USA" on the top of the tank; the motto, "All gave some, some gave all," on the tank's sides; and undulating red and white stripes representing an American flag blowing in the wind as the motorcycle drives down the road.

The motorcycle package is valued at a more than $31,000.

Tracy and Randy Schultz both have their motorcycle driver's license and said they plan to take the bike to fund-raisers in Clay County for the local group working with Sorensen for him to paint a version of The Freedom Rock there. Sorensen is touring the state, with plans to paint a Freedom Rock in all 99 Iowa counties. According to his website, he's completed 13 rocks so far and dozens more counties have scheduled him to paint a rock for them.

Tracy Schultz said that the chance to help veterans was one of the reasons that Randy and she decided to buy Ride to Riches tickets and enter the drawing for the motorcycle.

"The cause for those tickets is an awesome cause, so we would buy those tickets periodically," she said.

So what does she think of her new ride?

"It's really beautiful," she said. "It's really neat."

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