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Iowa Falls Man Expects $5 Prize On Scratch Ticket, Ends Up Winning $50,000

Jack Klein Wins Top Prize Playing 'Make My Month™' Scratch Game

Jack Klein   Hear Jack tell his story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - An Iowa Falls man decided to play a different scratch game instead of his usual favorite and the decision paid off.

Jack Klein, 65, claimed the fourth of seven top prizes of $50,000 available in the Iowa Lottery's "Make My Month" scratch game. He purchased his winning ticket Monday at Casey's, 1223 Oak St. in Iowa Falls.

Klein said he typically buys "Super Crossword" scratch tickets, but opted for the "Make My Month" ticket because of some recent luck he had playing that game. He said he scratched off his ticket at home Monday night and saw something unusual.

"I've scratched them before, but every time you scratch the 'month' it's always a $5 win," Klein said. "And I scratched it off and I didn't see the $5 winner like it should be. Here it was a bunch of zeroes in there."

Klein said he grabbed a magnifying glass to double-check that he wasn't seeing things. When he confirmed that it was a $50,000-winning ticket, he started sharing the good news with his family.

"Called my sister, got her out of bed at about 11 o'clock (Monday night)," Klein said. "She was moaning and groaning until I told her what happened and then she sat right up."

Klein said the excitement of winning a big lottery prize kept him up Monday night. During this sleepless night, Klein said he thought about how to spend his winnings.

"I'm a retired railroader so I don't require much," Klein told lottery employees as he claimed his prize Tuesday at the lottery's regional office in Mason City. "I'm going to give back to those that gave to me and help my two daughters out and my grandkids."

The lottery's Make My Month game is part of a series of games that have a similar look, feel and gameplay, but vary in size, cost and prizes offered. The price point and top prize increase with the length of time indicated in the game's name. For example, players can win up to $50,000 playing the $5 Make My Month game, but can win up to $100,000 playing the $10 Make My Year™ game. A $1 Make My Day™ ticket and a $2 Make My Week™ ticket are part of the same series of games. Players scratch the "stars" in the playing area on each ticket and match game symbols to win prizes.

Three top prizes of $50,000 are still up for grabs in Make My Month, as well as 26 prizes of $1,000, 119 prizes of $200 and 531 prizes of $100.

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