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Man From Quad Cities Area Claims $50,000 Prize In Multi-State Halloween Raffle Game

Bob Schissel Bought His Winning Ticket At Davenport Convenience Store

Robert Schissel   Hear Bob tell his story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Quad-Cities area man said he didn't realize for a week that he had a $50,000-winning lottery ticket because he just hadn't checked it.

Bob Schissel of Milan, Ill., had a ticket that won a $50,000 prize in the "Halloween Millions Raffle" drawing on Nov. 1, but said he usually only checks his lottery tickets when he stops to buy gasoline and he didnít do that until Friday morning.

"I had the clerk check the two tickets. She said, 'You won $50,000!'" Schissel said. "I said, 'Really.' I asked again and she said, 'No, really.'"

Schissel, 58, who works as a fork-truck driver at Nestle-Purina PetCare in Davenport, said that in all the excitement, he then made a mistake.

"I walked out to the car and forgot to put the gas in that I had prepaid for," he recalled. "I drove down the road for about two miles and I said, 'Oops!' I turned around and went back and I was still able to get the gas. Somebody could have walked away with $30 in free gas."

Tickets in the $10 "Halloween Millions Raffle" game were sold from Sept. 23-Oct. 31 in Iowa and six other states. The game's drawing was held Nov. 1, and three top prizes of $1 million were awarded, one each in Michigan, New Jersey and Ohio. If a participating state did not have a $1 million winner, a $50,000 prize was awarded in a separate drawing to someone who bought a ticket in that state.

Schissel's ticket was selected as the $50,000 winner in Iowa. The unique eight-digit number on his ticket was 10017104 and he bought it at the Kwik Shop, 3129 Rockingham Road in Davenport.

Schissel said he bought just two tickets in the raffle game, and he decided to do so because they cost less than those being sold in a different raffle game in his home state.

"I was just going to get one and then they were $10 apiece," he said. "In Illinois where we reside, it was $20, so I got two."

Schissel's wife, Valerie, accompanied him as he claimed his prize Friday afternoon at Iowa Lottery headquarters in Des Moines. He joked that she'd told "about half the state" about his lottery win.

Bob Schissel said they planned to pay bills with the raffle winnings. And he predicted that news of his good luck would spread quickly.

"Probably by the time I get back to work, everybody in the whole plant will know," he said with a laugh.

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