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Greenfield Man Checks His Winning Ticket Multiple Times

Jeromy Christensen Claims $50,000 Top Prize in 'Holiday Super Crossword' Scratch Game

Jeromy Christensen   Hear Jeromy tell his story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - An Adair County man said he didn't initially realize that he had uncovered 10 complete words on his instant-scratch ticket to win a $50,000 top prize.

"I realized that I had several words scratched off, but I wasn't paying that close of attention," Jeromy Christensen of Greenfield said. "I was just shocked that I had that many."

Christensen, 35, said he double-checked that he had 10 complete words on his "Holiday Super Crossword" ticket by writing each word down on a piece of paper.

"After I don't know how many times of checking, I took it in to my wife and I told her I said, 'Do you want the bad news or the good news?'" Christensen said. "I told her the bad news first that we're going to have to pay quite a bit of money in taxes, but the good news was that I would at least get a pretty good chunck of change out of the deal so it's worth it."

Christensen claimed his prize Tuesday at the Iowa Lottery's headquarters in Des Moines and had purchased his winning ticket Monday at Casey's, 601 SE Kent St. in Greenfield. He claimed the eighth of 17 top prizes of $50,000 available in the Holiday Super Crossword game.

Christensen, who works at a factory in Greenfield, said he's looking forward to buying University of Iowa football season tickets next fall with some of his winnings.

"Definitely pay some bills and make life a lot easier and less stressful with the money situation," he said.

Holiday Super Crossword is a $5 scratch game. Players win a prize by uncovering at least three complete words in either puzzle or the complete bonus word in the play area on each ticket. Players who uncover 10 complete words win one of the game's $50,000 top prizes. The overall odds of winning a prize in the game are 1 in 3.69.

Nine top prizes of $50,000 are still up for grabs in Holiday Super Crossword, as well as 23 prizes of $5,000, 32 prizes of $500 and hundreds of prizes of $100.

Players can enter nonwinning Holiday Super Crossword scratch tickets online in the Gifts Galore Play It Again® promotion, which offers 310 Sony® electronics and cash prizes. When a player enters an eligible nonwinning scratch ticket in Gifts Galore, he or she will receive one entry in the drawing for the corresponding Sony® electronic or cash prize category. The deadline to enter is noon, Jan. 13. For rules and complete details, visit

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