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Lotto 12-Pack Discount Is Back For Limited Time

The "Lotto 12-Pack" Promotion Makes It Easy To Play Iowa's Three Big Jackpot Games for Less

DES MOINES, Iowa - In March, lottery players learned how easy it is to play Iowa's three big-jackpot games by asking for the Lotto 12-Pack. Now, for a limited time, they'll be able to enjoy the same convenience with an added discount.

On Sunday, the "Lotto 12-Pack" promotion began, giving players a one-stop way to buy tickets for a special price in all three of Iowa's big-jackpot games. Players can use the promotion to receive a discount for buying tickets all at once in Powerball® with Power Play®, Mega Millions with Megaplier® and Hot Lotto® with the Sizzler®. Players can buy all the games for a week and receive $12 in plays for only $10.

Iowa Lottery CEO Terry Rich said he thought the Iowa State Fair would be a great time to give players some added value.

"Players stop by our State Fair booth each year for their chance to dream about winning 'the big one,'" Rich said. "The Lotto 12-Pack makes it easy to play, especially for those who may be trying our games for the first time."

The Lotto 12-Pack promotion runs through August 28. Players can get in on all the drawings for a week in Powerball with Power Play, Mega Millions with Megaplier and Hot Lotto with the Sizzler and save $2 ($12 value for $10).

Players can also take advantage of the "Play 'Em All" easy buttons. They let players cover all the Powerball options or all the Mega Ball options for a particular drawing. A player who asks for the Play 'Em All option will receive 39 plays in Powerball, one for each of the 39 Powerball numbers available. The Play 'Em All option in Mega Millions is for 46 plays, one for each of the 46 Mega Ball numbers available.

Rich explained that the easy buttons added in March have made it simpler for players and for the retail employees selling tickets.

"When we introduced the Lotto 12-Pack, the response was overwhelming," Rich said. "Players took to it immediately. And now, for a limited time, they'll be able to enjoy the same ease of playing at a discounted price."