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Newlywed Sees Big Win As Late Wedding Gift

Carolyn Johnson Wins Top Prize of $12,000 Playing "Double Cherry Twist" Scratch Game

Carolyn Johnson
  Hear Carolyn tell her story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - After a long-running contest with a co-worker and three weeks after her marriage, a Shelby woman won the top prize playing the "Double Cherry Twist" scratch game.

Carolyn Johnson, 46, said she's been competing with her co-worker, Chris, to see who could win the biggest prize playing the game. Johnson said after winning the top prize of $12,000, she's clearly won.

"This one was the third ticket on the roll! I'm very excited; I feel honored," Johnson said.

Johnson said when she discovered her win, she had to put the ticket down and walk away from it before coming back to double-check it.

"I looked and there was three crowns and I said, 'Cool that's three like amounts.' And I scratched it off and it said twelve thousand!" she said.

Johnson was on break while working at the Corn Stalk restaurant in Shelby. She said she finished her shift before taking the ticket home to tell her husband, Scott.

"I said to Scott, 'You aren't going to believe this. I just won $12,000! We've been married three weeks now. It's like a late wedding gift!" Johnson said.

Johnson said Scott didn't believe her at first; he even looked the ticket over to make sure it wasn't false.

Johnson and her husband plan to use some of the winnings to buy a new bedroom set. She said even though her co-worker was jealous, he was happy for her.

"He congratulated me and said at least if it wasn't him it was at least me," she said.

Johnson said she's sure the competition will continue at work, just with a different scratch ticket.

Johnson claimed her prize Thursday at the Iowa Lottery's regional office in Council Bluffs. She purchased her winning ticket at Taylor Quik Pic, M16 & I80 in Shelby.