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Scratch Ticket Lover Tries Something New, Wins $50,000 Prize

Kevin O'Connor Wins Top Prize Playing the "Double Blackjack Double Play" Scratch Game

Kevin O'Connor
  Hear Kevin tell his story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Waterloo man decided to try out a new scratch ticket and it paid off when he won the top prize of $50,000.

Kevin O'Connor, 62, said he typically plays the "Crossword" scratch game, but when he stopped for his morning coffee Friday, the "Double Blackjack Double Play" ticket caught his eye.

"It's only like the second time I've ever played it," O'Connor said. "It was in the top row and I had looked the other day, just kind of checking the odds on what all the different tickets had. I was out on the Web site and I saw that the odds were real good - that there were hardly any winners on it yet."

O'Connor, who is retired, was by himself when he scratched the ticket and his wife was the first person he called to share the news with.

"She couldn't believe it," he said.

O'Connor said he was in such disbelief of the prize he looked at it over and over again to make sure he was seeing it right. Then he took the ticket back to the retailer so he could have it validated.

"I said, 'Before I drive from Waterloo to Cedar Rapids, I want to make sure it's worth the trip,'" O'Connor said.

O'Connor claimed his prize Friday at the Iowa Lottery's regional office in Cedar Rapids, just hours after discovering his win.

"I came right down. When you're retired, you can do that," O'Connor laughed.

O'Connor said he plans to use some of his winnings to pay a few bills and have fun with the rest. He said he plans to keep playing.

"I'm real lucky; very fortunate," he said.

O'Connor purchased his winning ticket at Kwik Star, 506 W. Ninth St. in Waterloo.