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Milk Run Turns Into $10,000 Lottery Win

Michele Major Wins Prize Playing "Cash Bonanza" Scratch Game

Michele Major   Hear Michele tell her story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Monroe county woman won an unexpected prize of $10,000 playing the lottery's new "Cash Bonanza" instant-scratch game.

Michele Major of Albia got more than she expected on her trip to the grocery store.

"Well, somebody told me we needed milk. So we went to the store to get some milk," she explained to lottery staff as she claimed her prize June 17 at the Iowa Lottery's headquarters in Des Moines. "Got some extra change out, put it in and bought a Cash Bonanza ticket."

Major went out to her vehicle and scratched off her ticket.

"Went out to the Envoy and scratched it and I go, 'I think I just won $10,000!'" she said.

Major went back inside to Jim and Charlie's Affiliated Foods, 121 N. Clinton St. in Albia, where she purchased her winning ticket, to have it validated.

"I took it and signed it and she ran it through and it stated that I won the $10,000," Major said. "She called her boss to make sure she was doing everything right, by giving us the right receipt and keeping the right receipt. And we went home and started calling everybody!"

Major, 44, a stager on the paint line at John Deere Ottumwa Works, said she had some summer items she planned to purchase with her winnings.

"I'm going to go get me a new pool pump and one of those self-cleaning vacuums," she said. "And pay a couple bills and put the rest away."