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Des Moines Woman Runs Screaming After Winning $30,000 Lottery Prize

Susan Hunter Wins First Top Prize In "Lucky Lines" Scratch Game

Susan Hunter   Hear Susan tell her story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Des Moines woman said she ran screaming across the street after realizing she'd won the first top prize of $30,000 playing a lottery scratch game.

"I went running across the street because that's where I bought it, was the gas station right across the street," Susan Hunter said. "So I ran across there, I threw the ticket to the clerk and I said, 'Run it! Run it! Run it!' She says, 'You think you're a winner, do you?' I said, 'I know I am!'

"After I found out, I ran outside and yelled and screamed all the way across the street to work and everybody knew!"

Hunter, 43, bought her winning "Lucky Lines" instant-scratch ticket at the Best Trip, 1516 S.E. First St. in Des Moines. The store is just across the street from the restaurant where Hunter is a waitress.

"For the rest of the night I was just dumbfounded," she said.

She claimed her prize at the Iowa Lottery's headquarters in Des Moines.

Hunter said she was still thinking about what to do with her winnings. Some of her ideas included a car, a new bed, and savings for herself and her grandchild.

"I didn't even think people won this amount. But it happens!" she said.