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Johnston Woman Numb After $10,000 Powerball® Win

Michelle Polder Wins Prize in May 5 Drawing

Michelle Polder   Hear Michelle tell her story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Johnston woman said she was numb after she won a $10,000 Powerball prize with a ticket she purchased for a May Powerball drawing.

Michelle Polder, who is a regular Powerball player, said she usually checks her Powerball tickets right away, but she missed this one and found it among some paperwork.

When she had the ticket checked at the store, someone nearby ended up telling her the good news.

"I was just chatting with the cashier and all of a sudden the little machine squawked that I was a winner … then the cashier turned the thing around and the guy behind me informed me that I had just won $10,000! He was extra excited. I think he was jumping up and down. I was just numb," said Polder, 39.

Polder's ticket matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball to win a $10,000 prize in the May 5 drawing. She bought her winning ticket at Kum & Go, 6130 N.W. 86th St. in Johnston. She claimed her prize Thursday at Iowa Lottery headquarters in Des Moines.

Polder, who is a realtor, said she called her mother first with the good news. But when she called her husband, he didn't believe she had won.

"I still don't think he believes me. So now I've got proof in pictures and proof in check, so hopefully it'll sink in a little better," she laughed.

Polder's two girls were excited about her win as well. Though she said her 13-year-old was skeptical, her 5-year-old has been announcing the news to everyone.

"She just keeps running around telling everybody, 'We won the lottery, we won the lottery!'"

The winning numbers in the $62.8 million jackpot drawing on May 5 were: 13-34-40-47-57 and Powerball 11. The Power Play® multiplier was 4. Had Polder added the Power Play to her ticket, she would have multiplied her prize by four to $40,000.

Players can increase their prizes with the Power Play (except the jackpot) up to five times. The cost is $1 per play. The Power Play number, 2 through 5, is chosen at the beginning of the drawing indicating the amount prizes (except the jackpot) will be multiplied if that number is drawn.

Polder said some of her winnings will go to pay bills, but the family will use some to go on vacation too.

"We've been talking about taking the girls to Chicago this summer for a little vacation, so I think that'll now make that trip happen," she said. "Yesterday, we were going down the list of tires on the cars, this, all the necessities. It's just kind of ironic. I had said, 'Well, Chicago trip's out' because we have all these other things that we need too. And now it's back in and all those other things are taken care of too!" Polder said.