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Dreams Of Medical School Come True For Lottery Prize Winner's Daughter

Saco Dolic Wins Top Prize Playing the "Crossword" Scratch Game

Saco Dolic   Hear Saco tell her story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Des Moines woman said she was grateful to claim her $30,000 lottery prize, and can't wait to use her winnings to send her daughter to medical school.

Saco Dolic, 39, won the top prize playing her favorite scratch game, "Crossword." She was home with her family when she discovered her win.

"I was surprised. I was home and it just happened!" Dolic said. "I saw that I won $30,000 and I just didn't believe it."

Dolic said when she showed her husband and three children the ticket, they believed it, but were in complete shock. The family took the ticket to a local retailer to have it validated.

"When they ran it through the machine, they said, 'You're a winner! Congratulations!' I was like, 'I can't believe this is happening to me!'" Dolic laughed.

Dolic said while she enjoys playing other scratch games, Crossword is her favorite. She said she enjoys searching for the letters on the ticket.

Dolic has shared her good news with a few of her coworkers at the nursing home where she is a cook, as well has her brothers, who live in New York.

"They were really excited," she said.

Dolic plans to use her winnings to put her oldest daughter through medical school. Her daughter, who is 17, graduated from high school early and obtained her Certified Nursing Assistant certificate; but what she really wants to do is be a doctor.

"Right now she's a nurse and I'm going to try to help her to make sure she finishes college," Dolic said.

Dolic claimed her prize Tuesday at the Iowa Lottery's headquarters in Des Moines. She purchased her winning ticket at Git-N-Go, 3000 Merle Hay Rd. in Des Moines.