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$250,000 Lottery Prize Makes Linn County Woman's Knees Go Weak

Donna Sue Mollenhauer Wins Top Prize Playing "Bingo Times 10" Scratch Game

Donna Mollenhauer   Hear Donna Sue tell her story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Linn County woman wasted no time claiming her $250,000 "Bingo Times 10" prize.

Donna Sue Mollenhauer of Toddville said she scratched the ticket right before lunch and left the house immediately after discovering she'd won the top prize.

"We live really close to the lottery office. I couldn't have stood it to sit at home to wait and see," Mollenhauer said. "This check right here for [$250,000] just makes my knees weak."

Mollenhauer said she usually buys two Bingo Times 10 tickets when she wants to play, but this time she only bought one.

"I said, 'One will be enough. I'll just scratch one.' And it just happened to be the right one!" she said.

Mollenhauer, 62, said she considers herself an extremely lucky person. She said she rarely loses when she plays casino games and has previously won a $21,000 lottery prize playing a $2 scratch ticket.

"I win quite often. I'm really, really lucky. Actually, with life in general I feel lucky," she said.

Mollenhauer said she didn't expect to have too much trouble telling her family about the win. She said she wins so often they'd probably be expecting it.

Mollenhauer, who is retired, claimed her prize Thursday at the Iowa Lottery's regional office in Cedar Rapids. She purchased her winning ticket at Hy-Vee, 279 Collins Rd. N.E. in Cedar Rapids.

Mollenhauer said she knows the cashiers at the Hy-Vee where she purchased her ticket, and can't wait to show them a photo of her with her big check. She plans to use some of her winnings to help out family as well as possibly purchase a new car and take a vacation.