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Limited Reporting Issue In Wednesday Evening Pick 4 Drawing

DES MOINES, Iowa - A mistake by a lottery staffer caused the Iowa Lottery to provide incorrect numbers for the Wednesday Evening Pick 4 drawing through a reporting form. Records for the drawing show that three plays were impacted and Iowa Lottery officials encourage anyone to contact the lottery with concerns they may have.

"There was a limited reporting issue after the drawing was completed," Lottery CEO Terry Rich said Thursday. "We know that the number of folks potentially impacted by the situation is small, but we also want to hear from anyone who may have made those three play combinations."

The Pick 4 Evening drawing on Wednesday was conducted correctly. The winning numbers were recorded correctly on the lottery's statewide system of sales and validations terminals, so tickets were correctly checked and paid at retail locations statewide.

However, in the process of reporting the numbers, an Iowa Lottery staffer mistakenly input incorrect numbers for that drawing on an internal form at the lottery. The mistake caused the lottery to report incorrect results for that Pick 4 drawing on the lottery website, its winning numbers hotline and in a fax that goes to a handful of radio stations.

The mistake was discovered and corrected in all places by mid-day Thursday.

The CORRECT winning numbers in Wednesday's Evening Pick 4 drawing were: 8-0-5-6. The staffer mistakenly input 4-9-7-3.

Sales for Wednesday's Evening Pick 4 drawing totaled $4,586. Lottery records show that three combinations statewide would have won prizes totaling $375 on the numbers that were incorrectly reported.

"We apologize for any inconvenience this error may have caused," Rich said. "We'll continue to monitor and improve processes to avoid such errors."

Pick 4 is a daily game in which players can pick their own four numbers and choose how to play them. Players pick a set of four numbers, each from 0 through 9, and choose to make the play as a straight (match all numbers in the exact order as drawn), a box (match all four numbers in any order), a straight/box (match either exact and/or any order), front pair (match the first two numbers in the exact order as drawn) or back pair (match the last two numbers in the exact order as drawn).

Prizes in the game range from $30 up to $30,000. Pick 4 drawings are conducted daily at 12:40 and 9:20 p.m.