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Lottery Industry Leader Ken Brickman Announces He Will Retire In January

DES MOINES, Iowa - Ken Brickman, the Iowa Lottery's chief operating officer and an industry leader who has worked at three different U.S. lotteries, has announced he will retire in January.

Brickman, who has served as assistant commissioner and then COO at the Iowa Lottery since 1995, will retire Jan. 5. Throughout his career, Brickman has initiated several projects for the benefit of the lottery industry, including compiling the first legal directory for the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL), and organizing the first NASPL meeting for legal experts at North American lotteries.

Following the retirement of long-time Iowa Lottery CEO Dr. Ed Stanek in 2007, Brickman served as acting lottery CEO from November 2007 to February 2009. He also has served as a speaker, moderator and panelist at dozens of lottery-industry gatherings through the years.

"The lottery industry has proved fascinating throughout my career," Brickman said. "Where else can you have so much fun giving big checks to people while raising proceeds for such worthy causes?"

From April 1986 to May 1991, Brickman served as general counsel, then deputy director for administration at the Illinois Department of the Lottery, where he drafted legislation that created the department from its former status as a division of the Illinois Department of Revenue. In May 1991, he joined the start-up team organizing the Louisiana Lottery Corp., first serving as its secretary treasurer and start-up marketing director, then as executive vice president.

In May 1995, Brickman returned to his Midwest roots at the Iowa Lottery. During his tenure there, he helped draft legislation to re-invent the lottery as a corporate-model enterprise that today is known as the Iowa Lottery Authority. And in 1997, Brickman developed "Dream Draw," the first multi-track, pool-exhaustion lottery raffle game. In 2005, he received the prestigious NASPL Powers Award in Lottery Administration and has been designated a Fellow by the Public Gaming Research Institute.

Brickman has said that high on his retirement list is his promise to finish writing a novel with a lottery theme that he started, but shelved for several years.