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Iowa Falls Man Discovers Three Is His Lucky Number

James Feeney Wins Top Prize of $30,000 Playing "Stocking Stuffer Tripler" Scratch Game

Jim and Julie Feeney   Hear James tell his story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - An Iowa Falls man discovered three was his lucky number when he won a $30,000 prize playing the lottery's "Stocking Stuffer Tripler" instant-scratch game.

James Feeney, 52, said he purchased the $3 ticket on Nov. 30, which happened to be his 30-year wedding anniversary and ended up winning a $30,000 prize.

"I had my grandson, who is six years old. I said, 'Well we won on number 24. We won three, no we won thirty. No, we won three hundred. And I kept scratching and finally said, 'No, we won thirty thousand!'" Feeney said.

Feeney said he immediately took the ticket in the house to show his wife, Julie, but she didn't believe him.

"I went in and I said, 'Look at this ticket!' And she said, 'You've got to be kidding me!'" Feeney said.

Feeney claimed his prize Monday at the Iowa Lottery's headquarters in Des Moines. He said he hung onto the ticket for so long so he could really think about what he wanted to use the winnings for.

"The money's going to go to a lot of neat stuff. We've been wanting to buy a new vehicle and we were going to do that anyway," Feeney said. "We're going to take a trip in March. This will just enhance it."

Feeney, who is a line mechanic for Alliant Energy in Iowa Falls, purchased his winning ticket at Casey's, 1801 Washington Ave. in Iowa Falls.