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Webster City Man Still In Shock Over $1 Million Lottery Win

Aenoi Phetxoumphone Claims Third Top Prize In 'Lifetime Riches' Scratch Game

Aenoi Phetxoumphone   Hear Aenoi tell his story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - Iowa's newest lottery millionaire is still in shock after finding out Friday he won the top prize on the "Lifetime Riches" instant-scratch game.

It's not a game Aenoi Phetxoumphone usually plays, so he was quite surprised when the last Lifetime Riches ticket on the roll was a top prize winner.

"It was just the last one there. And I had another winning scratcher so I traded that one in and bought it," said Phetxoumphone. "It just said 40 and a 'K' behind it."

Phetxoumphone, 29, bought his winning ticket at Casey's at 1300 Second St. in Webster City while on his way to Fort Dodge.

"I turned around and went back home," Phetxoumphone said. "That's when I started crying."

Phetxoumphone said he's shared the news with family and close friends, but it was difficult to get them to believe what he was saying.

"They still don't believe me!" he said. "They're still in shock, too."

Phetxoumphone said while he doesn't play the Lifetime Riches game that often, there was something about it that caught his eye this time.

"I started out with a $2 ticket, and that turned into $10. And that $10 turned into I think 20 or 25," he said. "And then that's when I changed it in for this one."

Phetxoumphone, who works as a machine operator for Automatic Machine Products, Inc. in Webster City, said he plans to put the winnings into savings until he can make further plans for the money.

"I just want to spend time with my family and think about things," he said.

Phetxoumphone claimed the third top prize of $1 million in Lifetime Riches, leaving five $1 million prizes still up for grabs in the game. Players who win the top prize have the option of receiving it in annuitized payments over time or as a one-time, lump-sum payment.

Winners who choose the annuity option will receive $40,000 per year for a period of 25 years. If the winner chooses to receive the lump-sum payment, he/she will receive $650,000 before taxes. Phetxoumphone chose to receive his prize as a lump-sum payment.

Prize Details

Top Prize: $1 million
Chosen to receive as: $650,000 lump-sum payment
Federal withholding: $162,500 (25 percent)
State withholding: $32,500 (5 percent)
Net amount: $455,000