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Appanoose County Man Says $10,000 Lottery Win is an "Excellent Feeling"

James Welch Wins Big Prize Playing "Red Hot Cherries" Scratch Game

James Welch   Hear James tell his story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - An Appanoose County man said he was in total disbelief when he discovered he'd won a $10,000 prize playing the lottery's "Red Hot Cherries" instant-scratch game.

James Welch, 48, was on his regular trucking route for Ben Chinn Trucking when he decided to stop to pick up a few lottery tickets.

"This was my last one and I saw I had three oranges and I started thinking, 'Well, maybe…'" Welch said. "I kind of just slowly kept scratching it off and I kept seeing zeros. And the more you see, the happier you get! It was an excellent feeling."

Welch, who is from Moulton, said Kum & Go, especially the one he where he stopped, at 2905 Fourth Ave. in Clear Lake, is now his favorite convenience store.

"Sometimes you're just never for sure about the ticket, so I ran back over to Kum & Go this morning and showed it to the manager," Welch said. "He ran it through the machine and when I got the little receipt I knew for sure it was $10,000."

Welch said he stops at Kum & Go pretty often on his regular work route, so the staff was really excited for him when he showed them what he'd won.

"As soon as I showed it to [the manager] it was about like he'd won it! He was so happy and all the employees were congratulating me," he said.

Welch said he called his son, Hunter, from the road on Feb. 24 when he claimed his prize at the Iowa Lottery's regional office in Cedar Rapids to tell him the news.

"He was pretty excited. He's already thinking of what all we can spend it on," Welch said with a laugh.

Welch said he'd also told his three brothers about his win. He said he plans to use some of his winnings to purchase a newer vehicle and plans to put some into savings as well.