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Marshalltown Woman Wins Top Prize Playing Favorite Game

Renee Borton Wins Top Prize Playing "Super Crossword" Scratch Game

Renee Borton   Hear Renee tell her story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Marshalltown woman was happy her persistence paid off when she won a $50,000 lottery prize.

Renee Borton of Marshalltown won the big prize on one of her favorite instant-scratch games, "Super Crossword." She kept playing because she hoped someday to win the big prize.

"I won $100 eight different times" she said.

She's even convinced some co-workers to dream a little and said she's got at least one of them playing scratch tickets as well.

After realizing she'd won $50,000, Borton couldn't wait to talk to her husband to tell him the good news. He was a little skeptical at first.

"I tried calling my husband first, but he had his cell phone turned off," Borton said. "I called Alliant where he works, and they tracked him down."

The news of Borton's win spread quickly through town.

"Before long, I was getting all these text messages!" she said.

With her winnings Borton plans on paying some bills, getting a newer car and sharing with family members.

She bought her winning ticket at Kwik Star, 2500 S. Center St. in Marshalltown.