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Winning Streak Continues For West Des Moines Woman With $20,000 Lottery Prize

Shirley Grillet Wins Top Prize Playing "Tic Tac 2's" Scratch Game

Shirley Grillet   Hear Shirley tell her story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A West Des Moines woman's winning streak continued after she won $20,000 playing the lottery's "Tic Tac 2's" instant-scratch game.

Shirley Grillet, 58, said she feels very lucky winning for the third time since starting to play the lottery this year.

Tic Tac 2's wasn't her first choice when she bought the $20,000-winning ticket from a lottery vending machine.

"My finger was going to push the other game's button, but for some reason I went over to the other game (Tic Tac 2's) and I was a big winner!" said Grillet.

Grillet was excited to win for a third time in a few months.

"I almost fainted dead away on the spot!" laughed Grillet.

The Dahl's staff ran the ticket through the lottery terminal and shared in Grillet's excitement.

"They were elated, they were screaming," said Grillet.

Grillet still had a little trouble believing she had won until she had the verified ticket in her hand.

"When they printed the little ticket out of the machine, I knew that I was a winner," said Grillet.

On March 10, Grillet won the top prize of $14,000 in the "Rock of Ages" scratch game.

"I bought three tickets, sat out in my car and scratched them. I won the jackpot on the Rock of Ages," said Grillet. "I was crying and shaking."

Grillet also entered her non-winning Rock of Ages scratch tickets in the Rock of Ages second-chance promotion and won one of the 10 "Party Like a Rock Star" packages valued at an estimated $500. The package included two tickets to the Rock of Ages performance at the Civic Center of Greater Des Moines on April 22, along with a one-night hotel stay at a downtown Des Moines hotel that night, a Meet and Greet Reception with Rock of Ages cast members after the show and a Party Like A Rock Star bag of goodies.

"I was so excited!" said Grillet. "The whole event was so fun!"

Winning this latest prize started to sink in for Grillet on as she traveled home.

"I started crying on the way home," said Grillet.

When Grillet got home, her daughter was concerned.

"She said, 'Who died?' I said, 'No one,'" said Grillet.

When her daughter saw the verified ticket, she was very excited, as were her two other kids and her husband, Sandy.

"Exciting family event," said Grillet. "I am feeling very blessed."

Grillet said people are starting to treat her a little differently now.

"Everybody wants me to buy tickets. They keep rubbing me like I'm a genie in a bottle for luck," said Grillet.

Grillet plans on spending some of the winnings on a new laptop, a car and gifts for others.

"More fun giving it away then spending it on myself," said Grillet.

Grillet plans on winning again.

"I plan to be back here and I plan to see you again," said Grillet. "You can't win if you don't play!" exclaimed Grillet.

She purchased her winning ticket at Dahl's, 5003 E.P. True Parkway in West Des Moines and claimed her prize on Tuesday at the Iowa Lottery's headquarters in Des Moines.