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Supper Stop Brings $25,000 Lottery Prize For Hardin County Man

Matthew Amdor Wins Top Prize Playing "Magic Line Bingo" Scratch Game

Matthew Amdor   Hear Matthew tell his story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A hungry Hardin County man won the top prize of $25,000 playing the lottery's "Magic Line Bingo" instant-scratch game.

Matthew Amdor, 29, of Alden went to get something to eat on a Saturday night and ended up the next top prize winner of $25,000.

"I went to go get some supper at a Casey's and decided to just get a couple of scratch tickets," said Amdor.

Amdor got lucky and won $10 on the first ticket he scratched but didn't have high hopes for the second one. More scratching revealed the $25,000 win.

"I was thinking, 'I'm not going to win on the second,'" laughed Amdor. "I definitely won!" He added, "I was happy the $10 paid for my pizza."

Amdor held onto his big-winning ticket for a few days before claiming his prize.

"I wanted to make a long weekend of it when I cashed it in," he said.

Amdor triple-checked his ticket and had it verified at the store to make sure he was a winner.

"I checked the second ticket and … then I heard the 'Woo Hoo,'" said Amdor.

He shared his big win with the customers in the store.

"There was a whole bunch of people in the store at the time, too. We all were just kind of wide-eyed," said Amdor.

Amdor, who works at a nursing facility in Iowa Falls, plans on investing, paying some bills and spending a little of his winnings.

Amdor claimed his $25,000 prize on July 8 at the Iowa Lottery's headquarters in Des Moines. He purchased his winning ticket at Casey's, 1008 Grand Ave. in Alden.