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Carter Lake Woman Tries $10 Ticket For First Time, Wins $100,000 Prize

April Komor Wins Top Prize Playing "Red Hot Cherries" Scratch Game

April Komor   Hear April tell her story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Carter Lake woman decided to try a $10 instant-scratch ticket for the first time and ended up winning a $100,000 top prize playing the lottery's "Red Hot Cherries" game.

April Komor, 29, said she won $10 on a $5 scratch ticket and decided to take a chance and put her money toward one $10 Red Hot Cherries ticket.

"I was going to get two five dollar ones but decided just to get the one ten dollar one," Komor said. "I scratched every single one off and it was the last one I scratched. I started screaming and about gave my husband a heart attack."

Komor was home with her family when she scratched her ticket, so she was able to share the good news with her husband, Ricky, and all their children right away.

"I screamed, 'We won $100,000!' He said, 'Are you lying? Are you kidding me?'" Komor said.

Komor took her ticket back to Kwik Shop, 1202 E. Locust St. in Carter Lake to have the ticket validated. When they confirmed it was a winner, Komor made her plan to claim her prize Friday at the Iowa Lottery’s regional office in Council Bluffs.

Komor said she had never purchased a $10 ticket before, but after reading so many stories of players winning big prizes on higher priced tickets, she decided to try it.

"You hear of people winning really big on the more expensive tickets so I thought, 'For once, I'm going to try to do that,'" she said.

Komor said she and Ricky have told their parents about the big win, but most people have a hard time believing it.

"His mom didn't believe us; we had to drive over there and show her the ticket," Komor said.

Komor said she plans to use some of her winnings to take her children on a trip to Disney World, as well as purchase a newer vehicle.