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Favor For Daughter Leads To $50,000 Lottery Prize For Davenport Woman

Mary Jo Schweda Wins Top Prize of $50,000 Playing "Super Crossword" Scratch Game

Mary Jo Schweda   Hear Mary Jo tell her story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Davenport woman ran an errand for her daughter and it led to her winning a top prize of $50,000 playing the lottery's "Super Crossword" instant-scratch game.

Mary Jo Schweda, 54, said she was visiting her daughter at work when her daughter asked Schweda to buy her a soda. Schweda decided to go across the street to QC Mart, 2843 East 53rd St. in Davenport to get one.

"I asked the girl the difference between the two Crosswords and I said, 'Oh, I'll take the five,'" Schweda said. "The next day I scratched it and I was sitting there thinking I had won $5,000."

Schweda scratched the ticket while on a break from work at the Rock Island Arsenal, so she asked some coworkers to help her check her ticket.

"I had three of my friends check the ticket and make sure I didn't do it wrong, and then we realized I had ten words!" she said. "We all just started screaming. I was thrilled with five!"

Schweda said she doesn't play scratch tickets very often, but she chose the Super Crossword ticket because she liked the idea of having three ways to win.

"I thought, 'Oh, what the heck.' Of course, my daughter takes full credit for this," Schweda said with a laugh as she claimed her prize Friday at the Iowa Lottery's regional office in Cedar Rapids.

Schweda said she hadn't made any plans for her winnings.

"I'm just going to calm down and then think about it," she said.