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Quad-City Man Wins $1 Million Top Prize In Lottery Scratch Game

Dennis Ryzner Is Second Quad-City $1 Million Winner In Game This Year

Dennis Ryzner   Hear Dennis tell his story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Quad-City man's lottery win prediction has come true.

Dennis Ryzner said he told staff at the local store where he buys lottery tickets that he was going to win big.

"I was just joking with the guy, but it came true!" he said with a laugh Monday as he claimed the $1 million top prize in the "Lifetime Riches" instant-scratch game.

Ryzner, 53, who lives in Rock Island, Ill., said he is a regular customer at the Tobacco Outlet Plus, 2312 State St. in Bettendorf, because it is near Heartland Plating in Bettendorf where he works in security. Ryzner said he stopped at the store on Thursday and bought a lottery ticket, but didn't scratch it until a little later.

"I looked at it for about 20 minutes and still couldn't believe it," he said. "I said, 'This couldn't happen to me.' But it did."

Ryzner said he already had plans to attend a family event over the weekend in Oxford, Wis., so he - and his ticket - went on the trip.

"It was near me. It didn't leave my sight," he said. "It was with me the whole time."

Ryzner is the second Quad-City top-prize winner in the game this year. Ashley Smrcina, a Davenport graduate student, won a $1 million prize in the game in January.

Lifetime Riches is a $20 scratch game. When players match any of "your numbers" to any "winning number" in the play area on each ticket, they win the prize shown for that play area. If they find a "star" symbol, they win the prize shown instantly, and if they find the "5X" symbol, they win five times the prize shown for that symbol.

Ryzner claimed the seventh top prize of $1 million in Lifetime Riches, leaving one $1 million prize still up for grabs in the game. Players who win the top prize have the option of receiving it in annuitized payments over time or as a one-time, lump-sum payment.

Winners who choose the annuity option will receive $40,000 per year for 25 years. If the winner chooses to receive the lump-sum payment, he/she will receive $650,000 before taxes. Ryzner chose to receive his winnings in a lump-sum payment.

"I'll invest some, take a little vacation, take care of some family members," Ryzner said. "I'll do some good investments. And I'll keep playing the lottery. I still can't believe it happened."

Prize Details    
Top Prize: $1 million  
Chosen to receive as: $650,000 lump-sum payment
Federal withholding: $162,500 (25 percent)
State withholding: $32,500 (5 percent)
Net amount: $455,000  
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