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Father And Son Both Win Big In Bizarre Run Of Luck

Terry and Nicholas Janning Each Win Top Prize Playing the "Royal Riches" Scratch Game

Terry and Nicholas Janning   Hear Nicholas tell their story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - Two men, one family, two of the same scratch game and two top prizes of $10,000 equals one very lucky day.

Nicholas Janning, 28, thought he had it made when he called his dad, Terry, to brag about his $500 "Crossword" win.

"I called my dad that night and told him about the $500 I won and he told me he won ten thousand on the 'Royal Riches' ticket," Janning said.

Janning, who is from Scranton, said that night he thought he'd try his luck on the Royal Riches game.

"I scratched it and it ended up being a $10,000 winner," Janning said.

Father and son had each won a top prize of $10,000 playing the Royal Riches ticket - on the exact same day. They both claimed their prizes on June 7 at the Iowa Lottery's regional office in Storm Lake.

"He really isn't saying much about it, I guess," Janning said. "I usually play the $10 ones. The only reason I played that ticket is because my dad told me he won."

Terry is from Carroll. He purchased his winning ticket at Glidden Country Store, 126 W. Ninth St. in Glidden, while Janning purchased his ticket at Casey's, 900 Locust St. in Scranton.

Janning, who does preventative maintenance on combines and also runs his own manure pumping company, said he's planning to use some of his winnings for home improvements.

"I think I'll keep playing this game," Janning said. "Although I'm not sure if my hot streak is over!"

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