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Sioux City Man Takes Home More Than $12,000 In Merchandise In Lottery Promotion

Joshua Meier Gets TVs, Tools, Grill, Electronics And More In Warehouse Dash®

Joshua Meier and Michael Hernandez

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Sioux City man is awaiting delivery of electronics, a grill, video game systems and more after his participation in the Iowa Lottery's "Warehouse Dash" promotion.

Joshua Meier was one of three lottery players whose names were drawn to be contestants in the second weekend getaway put on by the lottery as part of the promotion. Three previous players were selected to go on an initial Warehouse Dash in May.

Each contestant chose a partner to accompany them on a weekend getaway to Chicago and participate in a 90-second dash through the main warehouse that supplies the prizes in the lottery's VIP Club. During their dash, the teams grabbed as much top-brand merchandise as they could, including televisions and other sought-after electronics, housewares, jewelry, camping gear, sporting equipment and more.

Meier chose his friend, Michael Hernandez, as his dash partner. They went on their dash trip this past weekend, June 22-24.

To enter the promotion, Iowa Lottery players needed to join or already be a member of the lottery's VIP Club. On the ticket-entry page on the VIP Club website at, players were asked to enter the 10-digit entry number from the front of a nonwinning $10 "Did I Win?" instant-scratch ticket, along with the ticket number from the back.

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