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A Couple Extra Bucks Leads To $30,000 Win For Council Bluffs Woman

Kristina Barber Wins Top Prize Playing the "Holiday Crossword" Scratch Game

Kristina Barber   Hear Kristina tell her story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Council Bluffs woman decided to spend her spare change on a "Holiday Crossword" instant-scratch ticket and ended up winning a top prize of $30,000.

Kristina Barber, 35, said she stopped at the No Frills Supermarket, 1801 Valley View Drive in Council Bluffs for a few groceries and decided to stop at the instant ticket vending machine. She scratched the ticket in her car while waiting for her son to finish his snack.

"I got to about five numbers and I started shaking; I got to six numbers and I kept shaking, I got seven numbers and I told [my son] to be quiet - and he wasn't talking," Barber said with a laugh. "I got to ten numbers, I started the car, I drove down to the gas station right next to my house where I always go and I said, "Verify this.'"

It turned out that Barber was seeing her ticket right and she was a top-prize winner of $30,000.

"I started dancing around the gas station and then I went home and called my husband," she said.

Barber, who is a nurse at a doctor's office in Omaha, said her husband, Troy, had a hard time believing she had won too.

"He said, 'This is a cruel joke,'" Barber said.

Barber said even their 4-year-old is going around singing about win.

"He's already got his song," she said. "He's been singing, 'I'm so excited.' He's been running around the house singing that even though he doesn't know why everybody's excited."

She claimed her prize Wednesday at the Iowa Lottery's regional office in Council Bluffs. Barber said she hasn't made plans for her winnings just yet.

"I haven't really processed anything yet," she said.

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