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North Liberty Sisters Split $50,000 Lottery Prize

Jackie Huffman and Nancy Harper Win Top Prize of $50,000 Playing the "Peppermint Super Crossword" Scratch Game

Jackie Huffman and Nancy Harper   Hear Nancy tell their story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - Two North Liberty sisters had always said if they won a big lottery prize they'd share it - and now they're getting the chance to do just that.

Jackie Huffman, 53, stopped into True Value, 55 S. Dubuque St. in North Liberty for a few things when the lottery's "Holiday Black" and "Peppermint Super Crossword" instant-scratch games caught her eye. She purchased one of each and ended up winning a top prize of $50,000 on the Peppermint Super Crossword ticket.

Huffman's sister, Nancy Harper, explained to lottery staff how it all happened as they claimed their prize Tuesday at the Iowa Lottery's regional office in Cedar Rapids.

"I got home from work last Friday and she said she had bought a ticket and scratched it off and thought that we won $5,000," Harper said. "So we re-checked it and re-checked it again and then had my son check it. And come to find out we had one word that we were missing because it was on the Peppermint Super Card."

After discovering that last word, Harper and Huffman realized they'd uncovered ten words - a $50,000 prize.

"We ran up to True Value Hardware in North Liberty where she purchased it and it was confirmed that we were winners!" Harper, 56, said. "It was pretty cool."

Harper, who is a secretary at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City, said she and her sister have always had an agreement that if either of them won a big lottery prize, they'd split it. They can't believe it's actually happening, though.

"Our father passed away a year ago Monday, so we're all like it's a sign from him and Mom that they wanted us to have a good year in remembrance for him," Harper said.

Harper and Huffman, who is a diet clerk at the University of Iowa Hospital in Iowa City, called their two brothers and three other sisters to tell them the good news.

"We called them all and then had to go over and show them the verification," Harper said.

Harper and Huffman share a home in North Liberty and Harper said they are planning to make some home improvements for now, maybe take a trip in the spring and invest some.

"I'll still go to work," Harper said with a laugh.

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