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A Quick Check Of Remaining Prizes Leads To $100,000 Win For Cedar Falls Man

Steven Penberthy Wins Top Prize Playing the "Gemstone 10s" Scratch Game

Steven Penberthy   Hear Steven tell his story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - After checking the "remaining prizes" sheet for scratch games at his local retailer, a Cedar Falls man decided to purchase a "Gemstone 10s" instant-scratch game and ended up winning a top prize of $100,000.

Steven Penberthy, 40, said he often checks the sheet that shows how many top prizes are left in each game before deciding which ones to buy.

"Saw that there was still 12 winners and thought, 'Oh, I'll try that today,'" Penberthy said.

Penberthy purchased his ticket at Kum & Go, 1976 Franklin St. in Waterloo and went out to his truck to scratch his ticket.

"Sat there for a minute and scratched it and I about had a heart attack sitting right there," he said.

Penberthy took his ticket back into Kum & Go to have it validated.

"When she was done with another customer I said, 'You need to come over here.' And I gave her a big hug and showed her," Penberthy said.

Penberthy, who is a massage therapist and also works for Union Pacific Railroad, claimed his prize Thursday at the Iowa Lottery's regional office in Cedar Rapids, the same day he scratched the ticket.

"One of those drives when your mind's just going everywhere!" he said with a laugh.

Penberthy had not yet called his wife, Molly, to tell her the news.

"What I'm gonna do is wait until I get home and put the check on the kitchen table - let her walk in and see it," he said.

Penberthy said he and Molly have thought for years about what they'd do if they ever won big. He is planning to pay off nearly all his debt and maybe get something fun for himself.

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