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Corning Woman Shares Excitement of $30,000 Win With Her Sister

Denise Gepner Wins Top Prize Playing the "Crossword" Scratch Game

Denise Gepner   Hear Denise tell her story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Corning woman happened to be chatting with her sister when she discovered she'd won $30,000 playing the lottery's "Crossword" instant-scratch game.

Gepner said her sister thought she was joking, so she had to do some convincing, but her shock made it easier to believe. She has also told her close friends and family.

"Told my son, I said, 'You know, I think I just won a bunch of money!'" Gepner said. "He came and looked at it. He said, 'Yeah, you did!'"

Gepner purchased her winning ticket at Casey's, 600 Quincy St. in Corning. Gepner said she is usually a "Bingo" player, but her son brought home a Crossword game, so it's her new favorite. She is planning to tell her coworkers at the Corning Care Center, where she is a Clinic Coordinator, as well.

Gepner said for now she is planning to use some of her winnings to pay bills.

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