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Des Moines Man Counts Words On Ticket Several Times And Finds $30,000 Win

Ray Allen Wins Top Prize Playing the "Crossword" Scratch Game

Brenda Allen and Ray Allen   Hear Ray tell his story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Des Moines man had his daughter go to the gas station to purchase him some lottery tickets and ended up winning a $30,000 lottery prize.

Ray Allen claimed the 48th of 97 top prizes of $30,000 available in the lottery's "Crossword" instant-scratch game.

"I was just here scratching them off. And I think it was about the second to last one, I hit it," Allen explained. "Well, I thought I had eight [words]. And I got counting and I had nine. Then I counted and looked again and I had 10!"

Allen, who is 79 and retired, said his daughter, Brenda Allen, counted 10 words as well. Once they had the ticket validated at a local retailer, Allen shared the news with his son and wife, Maggie, right away.

"She was real excited," Allen said.

Allen claimed his prize Tuesday at Iowa Lottery headquarters in Des Moines. Brenda purchased Allen's winning ticket at Best Trip, 1516 SE First St. in Des Moines.

Allen said he knows exactly what he plans to do with his winnings.

"I'll find some kind of place to put it and make some money on it," Allen said.

Crossword is a $3 scratch game. Players win a prize by uncovering at least three complete words in the ticket's puzzle. If a player uncovers 10 words, he/she wins $30,000. The overall odds of winning a prize in the game are 1 in 3.82.

Forty-nine top prizes of $30,000 are still up for grabs in Crossword, as well as 71 prizes of $3,000 and thousands more prizes of $300 and $100.

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