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Davenport Woman 'Feeling Pretty Great' After $50,000 Lottery Win

Carol Turner Wins Top Prize Playing the "20X The Money" Scratch Game

Carol Turner   Hear Carol tell her story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Davenport woman said she was at home scratching her lottery ticket when she realized she'd won a $50,000 prize. She immediately asked her daughter to check the ticket for her.

"I took it back to her and I said, 'Rhonda, look at this and see if I'm reading it right,'" Carol Turner explained. "She said, 'Well, yeah, I think you're reading it right.'"

Turner claimed the fourth of 12 top prizes of $50,000 available in the Iowa Lottery's "20X The Money" instant-scratch game. She purchased her winning ticket at CVS Pharmacy, 1777 N. Division St. in Davenport.

Turner's husband, Joseph, suggested she take the ticket back to the retailer to have it verified.

"I took the ticket in and had them run it. And she said, 'Yeah, you're a big winner.'" Turner said.

Turner, who works part time at Hardee's, said she enjoyed sharing the news with their five children. And she already had some plans in mind for the winnings.

"Just pay some of our bills off and that's about all we've talked about," she said.

Turner, 66, claimed her prize Tuesday at the lottery's regional office in Cedar Rapids.

"20X The Money" is a $5 scratch game. Players try to match any of "your numbers" to any of the "winning numbers" to win the prize shown for that number. If they find the "stack of cash," they win that prize instantly. If a player finds a multiplier symbol of 2X, 5X, 10X or 20X, they multiply the prize shown by that symbol. The overall odds of winning a prize in the game are 1 in 3.74.

Eight top prizes of $50,000 are still up for grabs in 20X The Money, as well as 104 prizes of $1,000, 178 prizes of $200 and more than 500 prizes of $100.

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