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Fort Dodge Man Thankful To Win Early Birthday Present

Corey Kelso Wins $25,000 Top Prize Playing the "Bingo Boxes" Scratch Game

Corey Kelso   Hear Corey tell his story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Fort Dodge man was pretty excited to win a $25,000 lottery prize a week before his 33rd birthday.

Corey Kelso claimed the third of 24 top prizes of $25,000 available in the Iowa Lottery's new "Bingo Boxes" instant-scratch game, just weeks after being in an accident.

"I just got in a car wreck not even two weeks ago," Kelso said. "I'm sitting here stressing about how to get a car and BAM!"

Kelso said it was just on a whim that he decided to buy the scratch ticket at Casey's, 1133 S. 22nd St. in Fort Dodge.

"I go home, I scratch it. I double looked at it. Took it back to the store. It printed out the receipt. And I was like, 'This can't be real,'" Kelso said. "So I waited until the next morning. Just to make sure, I go back up to the same Casey's on South 22nd. Next thing I know - double-checked it twice, it was all good. That's when all the party began. I started jumping up and down, whoopin' and hollering."

Kelso took the morning off from his job at Clean All to come in and claim his prize Monday at the lottery's regional office in Storm Lake.

"I didn't even phone call anybody up until the point. It was ridiculous. I was like, 'I can't call my mom. I can't call my dad yet. I gotta make sure. Gotta make sure!'" Kelso said. "So the next morning, went to the store and that's when the phone calls began and the celebration begins."

Kelso said everyone he's shared the news with was in shock right along with him.

"They can't believe that it come out of that little town, you know," he said. "Everybody's, 'Congratulations,' pat on the back, swat on the butt, you know what I mean, 'Good job! Good job!'"

Kelso said he planned to use his winnings for a little fun and little good, too.

"I'm going to spoil myself a little bit. I'm going to Monday Night RAW July 1, Sioux City. I think I'm going to buy myself a big title belt," Kelso laughed. "And, you know, I'm going to disperse a little bit here and there throughout the family just to give everybody a leg up. And there's a little church in Alabama (where Kelso's mother lives), I'm going to donate a little bit to, too. Just because, it's always a good thing to give back just a little bit. I'm just thankful more than anything."

Bingo Boxes is a $2 scratch game. Players try to win a prize by matching numbers in any complete horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, four corners, an "X" pattern or all four numbers in the shaded box patterns in the play area on each ticket. The overall odds of winning a prize in the game are 1 in 3.78.

Twenty-one top prizes of $25,000 are still up for grabs in Bingo Boxes, as well as 44 prizes of $2,500, 41 prizes of $1,000 and hundreds of prizes of $500, $250 and $150.

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