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Snack-Cake Distributor Buys $10,000-Winning Lottery Ticket In Clinton

Nancy Smith Claims Big Prize in 'Blazing Hot 7s Game Book' Scratch Game

Nancy Smith   Hear Nancy tell her story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - An Illinois woman won a $10,000 prize with a lottery scratch ticket she bought while on her delivery route in Clinton.

Nancy Smith of Fulton, Ill. claimed the second of 10 prizes of $10,000 available in the Iowa Lottery's "Blazing Hot 7s Game Book" instant-scratch game.

Smith, a self-employed Little Debbie® snack cake distributor in the Clinton area, said she purchased three Blazing Hot 7s Game Book tickets between deliveries Monday. She won $75 on the first ticket and used those winnings to purchase two more tickets later in the day. After scratching off those tickets, Smith realized she had a won a big prize and took the rest of the day off. She called her husband, Dan, to share the news.

"I don't think he believed me at first on the phone," Smith said. "He told our 15-year-old daughter at home and she texted me, 'Is he lying?' So I texted her back and I said, 'No.'"

Smith, 52, claimed her prize Monday at the Iowa Lottery's regional office in Cedar Rapids. She purchased her winning ticket at Porter's Convenient 66, 1512 Lincoln Way, in Clinton.

Smith called her winnings "stress relief" and said she plans to pay off some bills and finishing building new workshop for her husband.

"No matter how many taxes they take out I'm that much more money ahead than I was this morning when I got up," she said.

Blazing Hot 7s Game Book, a $20 instant-scratch ticket, is the second game book product offered by the lottery. Each ticket in the game is actually a booklet with multiple games spread across six pages. The game's top prize is $100,000 and players can win multiple times in each booklet.

Blazing Hot 7s Game Book tickets will be void if any pages are separated from the book. The overall odds of winning a prize in the game are 1 in 2.52.

Eight top prizes of $100,000 are still up for grabs in Blazing Hot 7s Game Book, along with eight prizes of $10,000, 437 prizes of $1,000 and thousands of prizes from $75 to $500.

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