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Family Surprises Dubuque Woman With News Of $10,000 Powerball® Win

Sue Steiner Wins $10,000 Prize in Dec. 11 Drawing

Sue Steiner   Hear Sue tell her story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Dubuque woman found out she won a big Powerball prize by opening an early birthday present from her family.

Sue Steiner, 56, is a regular Powerball player, but hadn't had a chance to check her recent tickets. Sue's daughter found out that there was a $10,000-winning ticket sold for the Dec. 11 drawing at Eagle Country Market, 1800 Elm St. in Dubuque - the same place where her mom buys tickets - and checked her mom's Powerball ticket online.

When it was discovered that Sue had the $10,000-winning ticket, Sue's daughter put the ticket in a birthday card and gathered the immediate family Dec. 12 for an impromptu celebration. Sue's birthday was Dec. 13.

"Here I am, I'm standing there munching on some peanuts and they're like, 'Are you going to get going and open up some gifts here?'" Steiner said. "They all knew it but me. It was one heck of a surprise."

When Steiner opened the birthday card with the winning Powerball ticket, she didn't believe that she had won.

"I just couldn't believe it until they brought it up on the computer to show me," she said.

Steiner matched four white balls and the Powerball in the Dec. 11 drawing to win a $10,000 lottery prize. She claimed her prize Wednesday at the Iowa Lottery's regional office in Cedar Rapids.

The winning numbers in the $122.9 million Powerball jackpot drawing on Dec. 11 were 1-10-13-18-19 and Powerball 27. Two tickets sold in Nebraska and Massachusetts for that night's drawing split the jackpot. Wednesday's jackpot is an estimated $74 million.

Steiner, who works at Marshall Elementary School in Dubuque, said she has been playing the same set of numbers for a long time.

"I've been playing them so long I forgot what the meaning was at that time," she said.

Steiner said her lottery winnings will be saved for retirement.

Winning numbers may be checked at the lottery website at or through the winning numbers hot line at (515) 323-4633. Winning numbers may also be checked with lottery retail outlets or by calling the lottery at (515) 725-7900 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Players may visit the Iowa Lottery at 2323 Grand Ave. in Des Moines or go to one of the lottery's regional offices in Council Bluffs, Storm Lake, Mason City or Cedar Rapids to claim prizes.

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