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Waterloo Woman Buys Lottery Ticket With Groceries, Wins $10,000 Prize

Judy Pullin Wins Top Prize in New 'Make My Week™' Scratch Game

Judy Pullin   Hear Judy tell her story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Waterloo woman decided to purchase a lottery ticket with her groceries and the decision paid off.

Judy Pullin, 60, said she was getting groceries at Hy-Vee, 4000 University Ave. in Waterloo, and decided to play the Iowa Lottery's new "Make My Week™" instant-scratch game.

"Every time I play these games I tell myself, 'It would be nice if I won a big one, but I never will.' And that's what I said when I was scratching that one off," she said.

Pullin scratched off her ticket and ended up winning one of the game's $10,000 top prizes. There are four top prizes of $10,000 still up for grabs in the game.

"I scratched it off and I was thinking, 'No, it's not right!'" she said.

Pullin said she had her winning ticket double-checked by her supervisor before she started to share her good news with her family.

"Half of them believed it, half of them didn't," she said.

Pullin, who works for a security company in Waterloo, claimed her prize Jan. 17 at the lottery's regional office in Cedar Rapids.

Pullin said she plans to use her lottery winnings to pay bills and buy new carpet.

The lottery's Make My Week™ game is part of a series of games that have a similar look, feel and gameplay, but vary in size, cost and prizes offered. The price point and top prize increase with the length of time indicated in the game's name. For example, players can win up to $10,000 playing the $2 Make My Week™ game, but can win up to $100,000 playing the $10 Make My Year™ game. A $1 Make My Day™ ticket and a $5 Make My Month™ ticket are part of the same series of games. Players scratch the "stars" in the playing area on each ticket and match game symbols to win prizes.

Four top prizes of $10,000 are still up for grabs in the Make My Week™ game, as well as 264 prizes of $300 and hundreds of prizes of $150.

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