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Waterloo Man Double-Checks His Scratch Ticket, Wins $30,000 Prize

David Hunnicutt Wins Top Prize Playing 'Crossword' Scratch Game

  Hear David tell his story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Waterloo man said he didn't realize he had won a $30,000 top prize until he started to double-check his "Crossword" instant-scratch ticket.

"I wasn't really paying attention to how many words I was scratching off," said David Hunnicutt, 53. "Because I don't know, I just got a little mesmerized by it all and then finally I noticed that I was getting a lot of the letters cleared off."

Hunnicutt said he was in disbelief when he discovered he had uncovered 10 complete words and won a $30,000 top prize. Nine top prizes of $30,000 are still up for grabs in Crossword (game #756).

"I was stunned," he said. "I had to redo it five or six different times to make sure I had them all correctly scratched off."

Hunnicutt had his wife double-check his winning ticket and also used a self-scanner at a local convenience store to confirm he had won a big prize. After his winning ticket was confirmed, Hunnicutt said he went home and waited to claim his prize.

"We just sat around," he said. "We had dumb smiles on our faces."

Hunnicutt, who works for cabinet manufacturer, claimed his prize Thursday at the Iowa Lottery's regional office in Cedar Rapids. He said he purchased his winning ticket Jan. 17 at Kwik Star, 707 Broadway St. in Waterloo.

Hunnicutt said he plans to save a majority of his lottery winnings.

Crossword is a $3 scratch game. Players win a prize by uncovering at least three complete words in the ticket's puzzle. If a player uncovers 10 words, he/she wins $30,000. The overall odds of winning a prize in the game are 1 in 3.82.

Nine top prizes of $30,000 are still up for grabs in Crossword (game #756), as well as nine prizes of $3,000, 95 prizes of $300 and hundreds of prizes of $100.

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