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Council Bluffs Woman Expects Smaller Prize On Scratch Ticket, Wins $21,000

Claudette Moriarty Wins Top Prize In 'Deluxe 7-11-21®' Scratch Game

Claudette Moriarty   Hear Claudette tell her story.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Council Bluffs woman said she knew she had a winning scratch ticket, but she didn't know just how much she had won until she finished scratching it off.

Claudette Moriarty, 65, purchased a "Deluxe 7-11-21®" ticket Sunday at Quik Trip, 1749 W. Broadway in Council Bluffs, and went back to her car to scratch it off. She ended up winning the 15th of 19 top prizes of $21,000 available in the game.

"It said, '11' and I thought, 'Oh, well at least I'll get my money back,'" she said. "And then I scratched it and it said, '$21,000.' And I thought, 'Oh, I must have added those numbers up wrong.'"

Moriarty said she double-checked her ticket and knew she had won a $21,000 top prize. She then shared her good news with her family.

"They believed me, they were just all going, 'Holy cow!'" Moriarty said. "My brother said, 'Are you sure it's not $2,100?' I said, 'I know - it's got three zeroes.'"

Moriarty claimed her prize Monday at the lottery's regional office in Council Bluffs. She said she plans to pay bills and save a majority of her winnings.

Deluxe 7-11-21® is a $5 scratch game. If the total of "your numbers" in any one of the nine games in the play area on each ticket equals 7 or 11, the player wins the prize shown for that game. If the total of "your numbers" for any one game equals 21, the player wins triple the prize shown for that game. The overall odds of winning a prize in the game are 1 in 3.72.

Four top prizes of $21,000 are still up for grabs in Deluxe 7-11-21®, along with 18 prizes of $2,100 and 135 prizes of $210.

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