Secret Santa Promotion FAQs

Promotion Entries

What's the difference between Secret Santa and Not So Secret Santa prizes?

Every holiday ticket you enter will be eligible for 1 of 2 drawings for that entry period: either the Not So Secret Santa (you'll know the cash prize amount right away) OR Secret Santa (the cash amount's a surprise till after the drawing).

What are bonus entries?

Each time you enter a nonwinning holiday scratch ticket, you'll get one entry plus a pre-determined number of bonus entries from 1 to 9. These bonus entries give you extra chances to win. You can win only once for each ticket entered, regardless of the number of bonus entries that come with the ticket.

Can I enter more than once?

You can enter multiple nonwinning holiday tickets, but you can enter each ticket only once.

Can I win more than once?

You can win only one prize in a drawing, but you could win a prize in each drawing in an entry period - once with an entry in the Secret Santa drawing, and once with an entry in the Not So Secret drawing.

How do I enter the Grand Prize Drawing?

All ticket entries and their bonus entries submitted during the Secret Santa and Not So Secret Santa drawings that were not previously selected as a winner will be eligible for the $10,000 Grand Prize drawing.

Secret Santa Online Game

What is the Secret Santa online game?

The Secret Santa Online Game is a hidden object game you play for fun that takes you to a quaint holiday village with a dozen game play scenes. You'll have 60 seconds to find six hidden objects listed at the bottom of the play screen.

How can I play the Secret Santa online game?

You'll get a chance to play the Secret Santa online game each time you enter a nonwinning holiday scratch ticket on the website or the app. Choose the "Play Secret Santa" button to play. Choose "No Thanks" to return to your Ticket History page.

Why are some of the scenes locked?

A new scene will be unlocked each week through week 12. After that all scenes will be available. You can play a particular scene as many times as you wish.

What can I do with the points I earn playing the Secret Santa online game?

The Secret Santa online game is just for fun.

Entry Via the Mobile App

How do I get the free Iowa Lottery LotteryPlus app?

Visit Google Play® for Android devices or iTunes® for iOS devices.

Any tips for scanning tickets?

Your phone's camera should detect the square barcode on the front of the ticket (found beneath the scratch coating under "Scratch 2 Cash"). If the ticket doesn't scan at first, use the "light" feature to illuminate the area.

The QR code on my ticket was scratched too much and my phone won't scan it - how do I enter this ticket?

If your eligible ticket won't scan - for whatever reason - you can enter it manually on the app. Just type the ticket's numbers in the boxes using your phone's keyboard.

For more information see the Secret Santa Promotion Rules PDF.

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