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Dubuque Man Wins $100,000 Lottery Prize

Kyle Wenzelman Wins Top Prize in 'Super 20s' Scratch Game

Kyle Wenzelman

CLIVE, Iowa - A Dubuque man who won a $100,000 lottery prize said the store employee who sold him the ticket joked that he would win a big prize.

"The guy that sold it to me joked, 'Hey, you're going to Cedar Rapids tomorrow" to claim a big prize at the lottery's regional office, Kyle Wenzelman told officials on Friday. "When I scratched it off, I was like, 'I'm going to Cedar Rapids!' We couldn't believe it. I was shaking. It was insane."

Wenzelman, 37, bought the lucky ticket at Fuel Express Food Mart, 250 W. First St. in Dubuque. He works at a nearby insurance company and stopped by the store on his lunch break.

He decided to buy a "Super 20s" scratch ticket and scratched it in the store.

"It's not an amount to retire on, but it definitely alleviates a lot of stress," he said. "It's just a crazy feeling. Words really can't describe it. There are times you find yourself just laughing because you can't believe it's real."

Wenzelman immediately called his wife with the news, but said she didn't believe him until he showed her the ticket.

"I called her on my way back to the office," he said. "I told her the whole story and she was just silent."

Wenzelman said he and his wife planned to use part of their winnings to purchase a second vehicle and take a big vacation.

"It's our five-year anniversary next year and we were already talking about doing a trip," he said. "Now it's for sure: We're going to take a trip somewhere."

Super 20s is a $20 scratch game that features eight top prizes of $100,000, eight prizes of $10,000 and overall odds of 1 in 2.40. For more information about this game, and the number of prizes still available, visit

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