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Reindeer Games

Win Up To $25,000!

Reindeer GamesHow To Play

Game 1: Scratch Your Numbers area to reveal 18 numbers. Then scratch the matching numbers found in the path area. If you match all 4 path numbers with the same color border, win prize shown for that path border color. Game 2: Scratch Your Letters. Then scratch each matching letter found in the game lines. If you match all letters in a line, win prize shown for that line. Each line played separately. Game 3: Reveal all 18 of the Your Coordinates, then scratch only those corresponding square locations on the Battle Board. If Your Coordinates completely reveal a symbol in the number of squares shown on the prize legend, win prize shown for that symbol. Game 4: Scratch Your Symbols area. Then scratch the corresponding symbols on the Play Board. Complete a row or column, win prize shown for that completed row or column on the Play Board.

Important Dates
Game Start: 9/27/2021  
End Distribution: 11/6/2021  
Official Game End: 8/1/2022  
Last Day To Redeem Prizes: 10/31/2022  

Prizes and Odds:

Prize Odds
$20 1 in 5.00
$25 1 in 7.50
$50 1 in 35.04
$100 1 in 99.38
$200 1 in 151.67
$500 1 in 239.48
$1,000 1 in 3,021.24
$10,000 1 in 23,603.44
$25,000 1 in 29,050.38
Overall Odds 1 in 2.61
For more information see the Reindeer Games Game Rules PDF