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Making a difference for Iowa

Iowa Lottery Gives Back

The Iowa Lottery has raised more than $2.1 billion for our great state. That money supports everything from veterans and law enforcement to education, parks and conservation, agriculture, and human services. And each year, the lottery raises millions more to help make Iowa even better. It's how we play our part. It's how you can too.

Here is how each $1 spent on lottery products makes a difference in Iowa (fiscal year 2020 totals).

four main purposes

Today, the money that the Iowa Lottery raises for state causes has four main purposes.

Iowa Veterans Trust Fund

Since July 2008, a portion of lottery proceeds has been dedicated to the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund. The IVTF was created to help Iowa veterans and their families with expenses such as job training or college tuition; some dental, vision and hearing assistance; and individual or family counseling. As of the latest transfer in October 2020, the lottery has raised a total of nearly $32.4 million for this cause.

Iowa Public Safety Survivor Benefits Fund

Since July 2019, a portion of lottery proceeds has been dedicated to the Iowa Public Safety Survivor Benefits Fund to help the families of Iowa peace officers and fire fighters killed in the line of duty with the cost of accident or medical insurance.

General Fund

Since 1992, a majority of lottery proceeds has gone into the state General Fund to benefit programs including education, natural resources, agriculture, health and family services and public safety. The Governor and Iowa Legislature allocate money from the General Fund to the areas they believe need it most. In FY 2020, the Iowa Lottery provided nearly $79 million to the General Fund. To date, the lottery has delivered a total of nearly $1.8 billion to that fund.

Vision Iowa

Lottery proceeds also are linked to the Vision Iowa program, which was implemented in 2000 to create tourism destinations in the state, assist with community attractions, and build and repair schools. Direct funding for Vision Iowa comes from gaming revenues, but $20 million in lottery proceeds is dedicated annually as a backup during the 20-year payback period of the program's bonds.

past proceed uses

Through the years, Iowa Lottery proceeds also have been dedicated to other important causes:

Iowa Plan

From fiscal year 1986 through FY 1990, lottery proceeds were dedicated to the Iowa Plan, a long-term economic development program. It was divided into four basic areas: a Jobs Now program designed to put people to work; government construction programs; community and economic betterment; and educational and agricultural research


During FY 1991, lottery proceeds were dedicated to the CLEAN Fund, which stood for Committing the Lottery to Environment, Agriculture and Natural Resources

Iowa Gambling Treatment Fund

Lottery proceeds were dedicated to the Gambling Treatment Fund until 2009, when that fund was eliminated and the Iowa Gambling Treatment Program instead began to receive an annual appropriation from the state General Fund. The lottery remains committed to responsible play and highlights the issue in numerous ways, including by printing messages about the 1-800-BETS OFF helpline on its tickets, brochures and point-of-sale materials. During special initiatives each year, the lottery also highlights the help available for problem gambling in Iowa.

Special Appropriations

A portion of lottery profits have been earmarked for specific purposes within the state budget.

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