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Winners - 2020

Meet Some of our Latest Winners from 2020

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Nedra Gayle Schultz 7/29/2020
Nedra Gayle Schultz of Adel Wins $77,777 in '7 7 7' Scratch Game!

audio available
'7 7 7' Scratch Game
Brady Laird 7/27/2020
Brady Laird of Knoxville Wins $100,000 in '$' Scratch Game!

'$' Scratch Game
Steve Pelz 7/24/2020
Steve Pelz of Manson Wins $100,000 in 'Power 10s' Scratch Game!

'Power 10s' Scratch Game
Douglas Frank 7/24/2020
Douglas Frank of Oelwein Wins $50,000 in 'Baseball Winnings' Scratch Game!

'Baseball Winnings' Scratch Game
Brittney Selix 7/22/2020
Brittney Selix of Albia Wins $50,000 in '5 Spot' Scratch Game!

'5 Spot' Scratch Game

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Last updated: 7/29/2020

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