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Winners - 2024

Meet Some of our Latest Winners from 2024

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Sarah Wadden 5/10/2024
Sarah Wadden of Des Moines Wins $50,000 in 'Iowa State Fair' Scratch Game!

'Iowa State Fair' Scratch Game
Jonathan Rasler 5/7/2024
Jonathan Rasler of Princeton Wins $50,000 in 'MONOPOLY™ 20X' Scratch Game!

'MONOPOLY™ 20X' Scratch Game
Michael Johnson 5/7/2024
Michael Johnson of Sac City Wins $500,000 in '$500,000 Cash' Scratch Game!

'$500,000 Cash' Scratch Game
Cheryl Singleton 5/1/2024
Cheryl Singleton of Valley, NE Wins $29,500 in Pick 4!

audio available
Pick 4
Patrick Nelson 4/30/2024
Patrick Nelson of Fort Madison Wins $10,000 in 'Ruby Red Crossword ' Scratch Game!

'Ruby Red Crossword ' Scratch Game

Other non-winner news releases are available here. To see news from previous years, click on the year link in the left sidebar.

Last updated: 5/10/2024

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