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InstaPlay Tickets

For a limited time, you could win a bonus FREE $30 InstaPlay ticket when you buy a $10 JACKPOT PARTY® InstaPlay ticket!

This InstaPlay sampling promotion has ended.

How to Make a Qualifying Purchase

  1. You could receive a a free $30 Super 7s Progressive InstaPlay ticket when you purchase a $10 JACKPOT PARTY® Progressive InstaPlay ticket.
  2. If your ticket qualifies, it will include an added message at the top that reads: "1 Free $30 InstaPlay Ticket!" and the "Surprise, Player Bonus" sound will play.
  3. Then the lottery machine will automatically print the free $30 InstaPlay ticket.
  4. The clerk will give you the free ticket after giving you your qualifying InstaPlay ticket. Or, if you make the purchase on a lottery kiosk, the ticket will print from the kiosk. Only one free InstaPlay ticket will be printed per qualifying transaction.
  5. Bonus free $30 Super 7s Progressive tickets for $10 JACKPOT PARTY® Progressive tickets sold will continue through 11:59 pm on May 9. The free play is generated for every 10th $10 JACKPOT PARTY® Progressive InstaPlay ticket purchased statewide.
  6. The $30 Super 7s Progressive free plays will be produced across the lottery system. All retailers may not have the opportunity to issue one of the free tickets.

Free $30 InstaPlay Ticket Schedule:

Promotion Period Purchase Required Free Nth Play Statewide Frequency
Limited time offer
– start of business April 11
through 11:59 pm May 9
$10 JACKPOT PARTY® Progressive InstaPlay $30 Super 7s Progressive InstaPlay 1 in 10 Statewide

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