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Lottery tickets bring customers into retail locations and create excitement when players win! In addition, retailers receive a valuable revenue stream in the commissions they receive for selling lottery tickets.

How to Become an Iowa Lottery Retailer

GovConnectIowaBusinesses that sell Iowa Lottery products must be licensed by the lottery. Click here to access the GovConnectIowa web portal to apply for a lottery license.

Here are tips to help with the initial steps required at GovConnectIowa: Log in if you have an existing account or use the "Create a Logon" link to establish a new account there.

logon screen

You'll then need to link your GovConnectIowa account to the state sales tax permits for your business.

A business that hasn't yet linked to its tax permits will see a screen with only three tiles displayed. (Don't try to apply for a lottery license yet - you'll get a "No Rows" error message and you won't be able to proceed.)

access screen

You'll request access to your business tax information by using the link called "Request Access to an Account." A security code is required, and for data security protection, the Iowa Department of Revenue will mail the code to the business address on file. You'll wait to receive that letter, then enter the code using the link called "Enter Access Code to Connect to an Account."

You can request the security code for your business at any time, so consider doing that early on in your organizational process.

You'll then see a summary page with the details for your business. If you click the "I Want To …" button at the top, you'll advance to a page with various options in the GovConnectIowa site.

screenshot 2

screenshot 2

Use the lottery link in the "Manage State of Iowa Licenses" tile to access the Iowa Lottery license application.

You'll pay the $25 application fee for a lottery license electronically through GovConnectIowa using a bank account or credit card.

As you complete the lottery application, make particular note of the email address you provide for the License Representative. A confirmation email will be sent to that address verifying that the person has submitted an application to the lottery and confirming that further response will be received from the lottery within the next business day.

For more information about GovConnectIowa, including important dates, how-to-information, and other education resources, visit

If you have questions about the lottery licensing process, please email the lottery at, contact the Iowa Lottery Regional Office in your area or use our Contact Form.

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