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Play Smart, Be Informed

Know Your Limits, Play Within Your Means

Know Your Limits, Play Within Your Means

Iowa Lottery games are a fun, local source of entertainment available all across the state. And when you play the lottery, you know you're helping state programs that support veterans, law enforcement, education, natural resources, and so many other critical areas.

Balanced SpendingLottery tickets should always be something you buy just for fun as part of your discretionary spending. That's the money you have left to spend, invest or save after you've paid for necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter. From your disposable income, you can choose to buy things like movie tickets, books, exercise gear or lottery tickets.

We want you to know your limits. The definition of "playing within your means" varies from person to person, depending upon their income and circumstances.

Set Your LimitIf you decide to play the lottery, determine in advance how much you want to spend and then follow that plan. By doing that, you're more likely to stay within your set limit and not overspend, causing yourself to miss out on other things you need or want to do.

Playing the lottery should never be a way to fulfill a financial need. Winning - and not winning - are both a part of playing the lottery. It's not a source of income or an investment; it's something you do just for fun.